Sunday, April 7, 2013

Easter 2013

During past seasons of Lent I have always focused my attention on the sufferings of Jesus, on the Stations of the Cross. It never occurred to me what it was like for Mary the Mother of Jesus. We had a Lenten Series here and one of the themes was on our "Sorrowful Mother." I can't even begin to imagine what Jesus' suffering and death must have been like for Mary the Mother of God. As I began to imagine Mary walking the Stations of the Cross with her son my heart actually begin to ache for her.

During our short time of reflection my thoughts of Mary's suffering led me to think about those today who suffer in silence. Those who for whatever reason have tragedy within their lives they are suffering from. How alone they feel. How isolated they are within their agony. In her own way our Blessed Mother suffered alone on her journey to the cross with her son. Mary understands the unique suffering of others. Where did she get the courage and grace to trust in our Heavenly Father? How was Mary able to stand, at a slight distance, and watch her son Jesus in his agony walk to the hill of Calvary?

Mary's faith in God was incredible! Her being able to trust in the mystery of God's love is simply amazing and leaves me in awe! Oh to trust in the mystery of God's love for us...what a gift we have been given.

As I further reflected on the image of the "Pieta" (Mary holding her son Jesus in her arms and lap after he was taken down from the cross) once again I was left in awe at the depth of Mary's love, trust and faith. I realized even today Mary holds each of us as if we were her own child, in the midst of our struggles and heartache.

I imagined myself looking up at our Blessed Mother and peering deeply into her eyes and briefly sensing, experiencing a tiny glimpse of the sacred deep within Mary's being. A wow moment of sacred awareness that Mary's being carries each of us in her being. And at the same time and moment it was confusing and scary. My humanness could hardly comprehend this gift, this grace and yet my desire to love and know Mary, the mother of God better drew me into her sacred space.

As I continued to reflect on our Mother of Sorrows I wished and even longed for those I know, love and care about to have such a "Sacred Moment" with Mary. To imagine being held in the arms and lap of our Mother of Sorrows and know and experience her presence among us today. To know and experience the love she has for each of us individually and to experience her presence in the midst of our very-being. ...Experiencing a moment of Blessed Sacredness in the awareness that Our Blessed Mother holds you close to her heart. Indeed what a Blessed Easter this would be for each of us.

Thinking of you in this season of rebirth and renewal and wishing you God's blessings of peace, love and joy.


Prayerfully yours Gods Struggling Servant,
Sr. Joan Louise Packer MSBT